"Internet Lies & Stupidity"

Since this story began I've received tons of emails from the breeders (Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz) as well been able to view many posts that they have made on the internet in anonymous names. I guess pretending to be someone else helps them believe their own lies! At first I would just scratch my head and think, did they actually say & do that? I've come to realize that anyone who posts and types half the crap you'll read below is more then just a backyard breeder! The emails & scans below are in no specific order.  Lies & stupidity no matter what order you put them, will never change!


Be prepared, you may need a quick course in ebonics to read some of the chicken shit they type!


This was a good one, she knows the law! And how would you know the law so well? Backyard breeders are good and know how to keep themselves just under the radar so the laws never get applied to them. She obviously does not know everything about the law, if she did, she would not make  blackmailing comments like "If you turn it in no papers & no health guarantee". The Attorney General don't do shit, and we know this as you and other backyard breeder friends know the drill!


I left a bad review for them on puppyfind & she (Fairytales) kept deleting it. I had to show proof to puppy find that the transaction was legitimate. She then is stupid enough to put in writing that she's going to go up and mess with my eBay name. What she fails to know, anyone that makes a purchase with me eBay supplies me with their personal information. I seriously doubt your friends are willing to receive a summons for court on your behalf!


And they call themselves respectable breeders? No decent respectable breeder conducts themselves like this! (READ BELOW) Who in their right mind creates a selling add that is defamatory & libelous and lists it in with the rest of their dog adds for all potential buyers to read! Way To Go! Your potential buyers could careless about me, but reading what you wrote about me tells them your a nut case! LOL Not to mention, not one thing you listed can be back with paper proof, unlike this site, which is loaded to the gills! Your the bad breeder who keeps on giving, and I keep posting your stupidity! Which brings me to what your really pissed about. I play a better game of internet chess then you do. 

Your turn, give me something else stupid to put up for everyone to see!