Meet Sophie!



Sophie is a partial blue shorthair Chihuahua



Sophie was sold to us by Lisa Bartanusz & her husband Stefan. She came to us deathly sick with Coccidiosis. An extremely contagious disease that was diagnosed within 48 hours. After what seemed like forever, she is finally rid of the disease and is happy and healthy with her new brothers and sisters!





A Few Weeks Old.




6 Weeks Old.





8 Weeks Old.



4 Months Old




5Months Old



A Big "Thank You" to those who have emailed me about Sophie's health, she was found "Unfit For Sale" within 48hrs. She was diagnosed with Coccidiosis, a highly contagious disease, also a red flag disease that tells you a puppy was always caged and lived in unhealthy conditions & came in contact with contaminated feces. She was given NO vet care prior to me getting her as well. She received her clean bill of health on 4-4-07. Below is a copy of her Certificate that was issued on 4-4-07, showing exactly what she had & what her treatment was.

 (Note***Reputable vets do not issue Certificates until after the dog has been given a clean bill of health so that it will include all courses of treatment given).