All the information here was presented to my police department and verified that the content below was posted by Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz's PC!

***Below is a copy of the police report I had to file against Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz for the Satanic & Terrorist threats they posted to my guestbook! The details of their posts can be read below and in full in the guestbook***





Satanic & Terrorist Threats


When I created this website I added a guestbook at the bottom to allow visitors to leave their comments, whether good or bad. Each time someone posts in the book it logs the IP address of the poster. On 3-31-07 the breeder began posting in the guestbook under assumed names. They were not aware that I knew who they were each time they posted. As you can see by the registry below all the posts listed by Jennifer, Ted, John, Sammy, Melinda, Ed, John,  Bunch Of Idiots Online , Jamie, No Name Post #47 & 49, Joey & "J" are all the breeder. They all have the same IP address number. IP:'s are as individual as the finger prints on your hand!

How do you know its the breeder you ask? I took the IP number IP: and put it in the Google search box and the single match below came up. As you can see it leads you to the breeders online web store called "fairytailpups" account #199394, created 3/18/2007, their last name of Bartanusz, and the zip to their old address 15210.

Once you click on the search engine match, it takes you to the selling page of their store as you can see in the screen shot below. As you can see it also lists the IP:, the town of Pittsburg, where the breeder lives, and the dogs they are selling...but the next clue to proving its the breeder is the website link on the left of each add for the sale of dogs.

If you put your mouse over the link and right click, it will give you the Internet Explorer's property box, showing the information that belongs to the hyperlink. The screen shot below takes you to the next clue.


It takes you to Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz's personal website. See screen shot below. Now who's the crack head squirrel, Lisa? Check out the browser box, its the same as the internet properties box above. SNAGGED!

At first I found it funny to watch these 2 try their best to convince me I needed to leave the breeder alone and just be happy with my pet! All the time knowing they did not know I was aware who they were. Sadly on Easter weekend, their postings took a criminal turn. The Bartanusz's posted both Terrorist & Satanic threats (posts #49, 52, 53, 54) I found these posts disgusting, that a someone would have the guts to post such crap and think they would not get caught. I contacted my local police and gave them this information and was informed of my rights. They stated that the posts were grounds for harassment & terrorist threats. They documented what you seen above for court purposes. I also let them know I knew who they were at that time & how I identified them. I have not decided yet what to do in regards to this most serious situation. I posted a copy of my email to them in post #65. I've asked that they settle this and not allow it to escalate, so far they have refused to make contact. They have also since my email deleted the website. Unfortunately for them, they deleted the site, but I was one step ahead to document my finds for court.

I definitely crown these two king and queen of ignorance & stupidity!