"Sophie's Story"

On January 09, 2007 I contacted by email, what I thought was a reputable breeder, Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz, 125 Spring Grove Road, Pittsburg, PA 15235, AKA: Furry Tail's, 7134 Old Steubenville Pike Oakdale Pa 15071 about the purchase of a register able Chihuahua.

Lisa Bartanusz called me back at 10pm that night, on the same day, with the information to the puppies available. I agreed to purchase, what was at that time, a 6 week old, all blue female purebred Chihuahua. Lisa stated that the puppy would be available for release at that end of January & came with full registration rights AKC, CKC etc , would also come with all shots and a clean bill of health. The cost was $850.00.

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I was instructed to send a postal money order made out to Stefan Bartanusz in the amount of $250.00, as he would be the one most likely to cash it, she said, which I did on January 10, 2007. I was also informed during this phone call, that if once they received the money order and I changed my mind the money order was non-refundable.

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After what was a very uncooperative 2 weeks with this breeder trying to sell the dog out from under me, and sending her proof of the postal money order that was in the mail to her, she emailed me daily stating she did not get the money and was looking to sell the dog to someone else. ( this happened several times) After the daily email harassment I requested her (EXACT) intent, I was informed by Lisa Bartanusz through email that the dog would be ready for pickup on Saturday January 27, 2007. So I made arrangements at that time to pick the puppy up between 9am-12pm ****NOTE...The day before I tried to reach her by phone, but they would not pick up. I decided to use my husbands cell phone, knowing they were screening for my house number on their caller ID, Stefan answered and put Lisa on the phone. In that phone conversation she rambled on about someone offering her more money for the pup, but she's not that kind of person. <rolling eyes, no she's not, she's worse, as I took notes> I firmly believe she was claiming she did not have the money order hoping I would pick another puppy and she could sell the other for more money, giving her 2 sales instead of one at that time.

On January 27th I arrived at the Bartanusz residence to pick up the puppy, I paid Lisa Bartanusz the $600.00 balance in cash as requested in email.  At that time I was handed the dog told there were no registration papers, no health certificate issued by a certified veterinarian & they also refused to supply the name and registration number of the dam and sire to the puppy, and the name and address of the pedigree registry organization where the dam and sire are registered. I was handed a black book and told by Lisa to write my name and address in it and when she got the papers & other items, she would put them in the mail. (I knew right then I had a battle on my hands, there were not going to be papers, or anything else for that matter). 

At that point I became aware that I had been deceived and having drove 5 hours to pick this dog up, I felt I had no choice but to take the puppy and leave. If I did not take the puppy they were also not going to refund my deposit. I just could not get out of that stinky house fast enough! I took the puppy & left. It was obvious within an hour of our drive back home that this puppy was one seriously sick little dog. She had the diarrhea so bad it was a green yellow stench! The week before picking her up I had already made her vet visit knowing I was picking a dog up over the wekend. I wanted her to se a vet first thing Monday morning. I took her to my vet Monday morning January 29th, at 9am, where she was given a full round of tests. My vet found her "unfit for sale" as she had Coccidiosis.

$8.02..Cost of Medication to begin treating the Coccidiosis.

$109.00..Emergency Visit, Meds & Subcutaneous IV

$49.92..Cost to treat serious ear infections.

$60.65..Final visit & test to mark sure she is cured from the disease.




Coccidiosis is a life threatening disease marked by death if not treated immediately. 3 days later she was back to the vet with a sever case of East infection along with mites in her ears. Her ears were so impacted that the vet was shocked that she could even hear. The vet pulled strings of black hard mud like crap from her ears. He stated that for the pup to be this sick, she had to be wallowing in filth! The cost to make the dog healthy was $227.94.


I have notified the Breeder on numerous occasions by email & certified mail of the sick puppy and the bills. The breeder refuses to cover the expenses to get the puppy healthy & also refuses to sign and accept the certified mail asking for such. (United States Certified Mail # 70042890000318758291)

Over the months not only have I requested to be refunded for the out of pocket expenses for the sick puppy, I've also requested the following and the breeder has also refused:

1. The seller refuses to provide a health certificate issued by the veterinarian that seen the dog OR a guarantee of good health issued and signed by the seller.

2. The seller refuses to provide the documentation to effect registration, to this puppy.

3. The seller refuses to provide the name and registration number of the dam and sire, and the name and address of the pedigree registry organization where the dam and sire are registered.


I made many attempts at, asking for the information and relief above. The breeders response was “If you turn it in no papers and no guarantee” “The attorney general don’t do shit”.