The Merle Gene

The merle gene debate has been going on for a long time now as to whether or not it is a color that exists naturally in the breed of Chihuahua. The debate also surrounds the issue of whether the Merle gene brings with it health & genetic risks! When I purchased Sophie I was absolutely not interested in a Merle Chihuahua. I wanted a blue Chihuahua, and that is exactly what the BYB advertised her as, all gray with a small amount of white on her chest and paws. As she began to mature Merle marking began to appear. Backyard Breeder's Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz not only sold me a puppy with a highly contagious disease that was found unfit for sale, they refused to supply her registration paperwork and her health & genetic warranty, but worse of all they deliberately took away my right to choose by covering up the fact that Sophie's father was a full Merle. Merle's are the result of cross breeding and are not purebred, which explains why Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz's dogs are only registered with a junk registry (CKC). If a breeder chooses to breed Merle's that's their right, but to hide it from the buyer is deceitful! Which for this money mongrel breeder, its just one more in a long list of reasons why you should not purchase from them!  Thanks to another litter mate owner who supplied me with the dogs dam & sire information you can see that Melinda's Star Spangled Banner (CH-02418866) is a Merle Chihuahua. And a huge dog at that! (Take note they advertise that the dog is AKC, and it is not, its CKC! Another lie!)  We love Sophie regardless as she is a family pet & has been spayed and will never breed. Its just sad that backyard breeders like this lie & deceive the public all for the love of money!


(SIRE) Melinda's Star Spangled Banner (CH-02418866)


(DAM) Tiny Tails My Little Angel (CH-02137376)

I'm told this is the dam. Another huge dog!


Be An Informed Buyer!

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