Well, it looks like Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz have struck again selling another absolutely sick & mistreated puppy! Thank God their coming forward. Expect to see their story here as well, Lisa & Stefan. Its only a matter of time and more will eventually be doing the same. Oh, and what happened to you treating all your pups before they leave so no more dogs are sold infected with Cocidiosis, as you stated in your email to me? Why are all your puppies sick with Coccidia & under weight? Why do all of them have infected & impacted ears when they arrive at their new owners? Let me tell you why, you starve them so you can call them "tiny & teacups", they never get vet care, and you leave them in their cages to wallow in their own feces! What horrorable conditions you keep them dogs in! Below is a screen shot of a female merle Chihuahua she has had up on puppyfind trying to trade for more pups to breed. This poor thing is so emaciated and sick. Just disgusting that these SOB's are getting away with this kind of animal torture!

Click on picture for a full view!



Sophie's Story

"A Backyard Breeder Nightmare"

"Caveat Emptor"

( Let The Buyer Beware )

Below is my DETAILED encounter with a backyard breeder in PA. Even though this is on going , I am proud & happy to say that the 15 ounce Chihuahua that came into my life on January 27th is now a healthy & happy 4 pound Chihuahua after receiving proper vet care! At first I asked myself....of all the Chihuahua breeders I could have picked, why this one? I've come to realize that it was not about the breeder I picked, but the Chihuahua who picked me & and a much higher power then all of us making sure that our paths would cross!

And for that, I and my family are truly blessed!

"2 Months Old"


This website has been created as a running log to keep the public informed of how Lisa & Stefan Bartanusz conducted themselves during this puppy sale, as well as how they are attempting to slander me on the net with false posts in multiple names at different venues. It also will serve as a guide for others wanting to purchase a pup and how to avoid being a victim of a backyard breeder. Anyone who makes Satanic, Terrorist & Blackmail threats, (SEE FULL DOCUMENTATION BELOW) & lies repeatedly to avoid their responsibility needs to be held out for the public to see. Sadly these people come in contact with the public everyday in a local business in PA and the public does not get to see how they really conduct themselves until something goes wrong like it did for me. In my opinion, if you conduct yourself poorly in one area of your life, the odds are your like that in all the rest of it as well! The evidence here on this site proves just that!


Since this backyard breeder nightmare began its taken many twists and turns. Many of those were illegal and continue daily. I tried many different ways to work this out with the breeder and they have refused all my offers!

#1 - I've asked for the vet bills $166.94 (which did not include the final vet bill of $60.65) & the dogs registration papers & I would remove this website from the internet:


#2 - I've asked for just the registration papers & I would remove this website from the internet:


#3 - I worked with the PA Attorney General Office to mediate this complaint & accept half the vet bill & the dogs registration papers & I would remove this website from the internet:


#4 - I removed the website FIRST, and I asked them to send half the vet bill and the papers and I would never launch this site again.



So with that said:

"The Price Of Justice Is Eternal Publicity" Aristotle



To The Breeder

I know I am not the first one you have taken advantage of, nor will I be the last. But I am the first one to stand up and fight for what is right and fair! Sadly its people like you who give other respectable breeders a bad name. My mistake was ignoring the tell tale signs of a backyard breeder that you displayed from day one. For some odd reason you seem to think the money & registration papers actually mean something to me & have felt from the beginning that they have value worth holding on to! Let it be said right now by me, those registration papers you think that are so valuable that you are trying to use to blackmail me into taking this site down with, THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE SCRAPE PAPER THEY ARE PRINTED ON! Now you can continue to post all over the net, you can create all the fake names you want and file all the false reports you like. NO ONE believes anything in this day and age unless you can show proof! Just writing it does not make it so. And honey, this site is loaded with paper proof! So you keep posting stupid crap & I'll keep collecting and posting it here on this site where everyone can read all about who and what you really are, all in one place!

No decent and respectable breeder:

#1 - Completely denies ANY puppy vet care like you did!

#2 - Knowingly sells a dog with a highly contagious disease like you did. (As the breeder picking up the dog feces from 6 puppies that were in my dogs litter, I find it appalling that you would ignore the fact that your cleaning up the running diarrhea from a litter of 6 and didn't bother to figure out exactly who is sick, and address it, by giving the pups vet care. It was more important to pass that dog on and get that money!

#3 - Runs the other way screaming its not your fault, posts fake feedback saying how great your dogs are, when proof is given that a dog was found "Unfit For Sale"! Give me a break, you advertize them as AKC, when in fact your dogs are not even AKC, they are CKC & other junk registries that will accept any dog, from anyone!

#4 - Withholds information as a way to keep a bad transaction quiet!

And the list could go on and on!  With that said,

Kiss My Ass,

Stick Any Papers & Money Up Your Ass,

Our Transaction Is Now Complete! Enjoy The Read!





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